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Prof. Yifei Chen


Prof. Yifei Chen 
Prof. Yifei Chen, China Agricultural University, China

He was born in Beijing, China. He received the B.S.E.E. degree from Dept. of Electrical Engineering of Beijing Agricultural Mechanization College in 1984, and the M.Phil (S. of Mang.) degrees in management engineering and applied science from Bei Hang University in 1991, the M.S. degree in control theory and control engineering from Beijing Agricultural Engineering University in 1994. Since graduation in 1984, he still works as the researcher and teacher in collage of Electronic & Electrical Power Eng. of Beijing Agricultural Engineering University which was renamed as China Agriculture University later. After holding the position in the university, he studied further in control theory class by IFCA in Tongji University at Shang Hai in 1995, where he currently holds the academic positions in research. In 1998, he is as associate Professor at College of Information and Electrical Engineering in China Agriculture University.

Prof. Yifei Chen  has published extensively in control systems, control engineering, and mechanical  control, including 3 books, 4 edited volumes, over 80 journal articles and book chapters, and over 30 international conference publications. He is currently the Editor-in-Chief of IJCCE, and member of editorial and advisory boards of several domestic journals in control, networks, and applied agricultural control engineering. He is a senior member of China Agricultural Engineering Association, a member of China Intelligent Automation Committee as well as a member of IEEE.

Prof. Yifei Chen  has received several awards and recognitions over the years, among which are the Outstanding Paper Award of Chinese Science and Technology Association of China (2008); Outstanding Paper Award in ICINIS (2009), and Post Paper and Lecture Prize (2011) of WEC2011 Society (UN) in Switzerland; Outstanding Teacher Award (2005/2010) of China Agriculture University; Outstanding post graduation Director Award (2008/2009/2010/2012/2013)of China Agriculture University; Honorary Director Award for M.S. outstanding paper (2010) of China Agriculture University.

Research Areas

·         Smart Environment of Building: As the non-linear system, the indoor environment of building will be controlled with no-model methods such as AI(Artificial Intelligence) technology including multi-agents, Q-learning, parallel control etc. The goal is getting the smart environment with high efficiency in BAS operation.

·         Intelligent Control Technology used in indoor climate: Based on intelligent control theory, such as Fuzzy technology and Neural network、expert system, the comfortable parameters including vision, thermal, indoor air, lighting etc. can be controlled efficiently, combining consideration energy saving.

·         Saving Energy Control for motion: Using the fuzzy-adaptive control technology and intelligent calculating model, the main parameters of AC motor can controlled efficiently, and research of the synchronization operation of multi motors.

Greenhouse Environment Control and Intelligence Agriculture (IA):  Basing on the new concept: IA, research on the model and integration technology for agriculture fields by complex large system theory as well as network control technology in greenhouse, such as intelligent greenhouse.

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